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Nov 18, 2013 12:00am PST
. their annual conntions don't st bring in blogger, b big names le president obama, facebook, anichelesandberg. are you surprised o success? >> i grew up in print and then at a time when messa boards were so popul and robust in the first bubble. and at the time, i remember i can put up some of the best magazine content o line and i can't t women ute of the messag brds. and iwas fascinating and education educationa because it turnedouwe were the lucy ricardos and the dearabbyes. off own lives. and that is gold right there. >> blogger headquarters by t way, right o t peninsula in redwoods shore the. interesting in attending next ar's coention? it's bng held in san jose. is it a blessing or a curseo have the zuckerberg name. it's a blessing when it comes to her nking account and perhaps a curse wn it comes to creating her own identity. but ranni, ge from facebo, now launching her next project when you look at her facebook time li, it's a lot like everyone else's family gatherin weddings and halloween cosmes. >> is there a timeou don't give out your name and you don't want to go there? >> setimes
Nov 16, 2013 6:30pm PST
begin with the colorfulnd controversial john mcphie. he recently turned down an off to fixed the obama care website. in the silicone wife. aew compa and a new murder of his neighbor and the media frenzy that followed. john mcafee hasurned hisife willingly into a hollywood script. >> is this the story of a successful sbe preneurowho went crazand became a murderer or is this the gatest bleep ] of all tim >> we caughtp with mcafe in portland, oregon and now he's in the silicon valley. in the shadows of the softwar serity empire he created i 1987 the 68-yr-old mcafee is starting aew company. >> a few years ago you said you had nothing t do with the murder of your belize, you said you were drug free and you said you were still in contact with one of your teenage girlfriends. has anything change >> nothg. >> all still true to this day? >> all still true to this day. so what has chang in your life? well, i've become more energetic, i think. ve paid less attention to dealing with the press and more atteion to things i can create and design and have fun with. this prompt is something
Nov 11, 2013 12:00am PST
it comes tthe js report. is it bad newsor the market? >>> the issue with obama car body is talking about yet. why the current probls may se like a walk in the park. at it doesn't do and why it really matts. >>> if you couldeally kno your medic futu would you want to. thehigh-tech company. "on the money" begins now. >> this is amera's number one financial news program. "on the money." nomaria bartiromo. >>> here is a look at wt's making new a surprising and shp increase in the number of jobsreated last month. labor
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3